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Hello, Again!

Can you believe it's Autumn already? I just love this time of year. A sort of frenzy comes over me as soon as I see the first signs of Autumn, and I'm suddenly abandoning my flip-flops and shorts and donning the leggings with a long jumper and boots combo.

What I've been reading...

A couple's journey along the Southwest Coastal Path after they are made homeless and the husband is diagnosed as terminally ill, their whole world turning upside down, they embark on a long walk to freedom.

What I've been up to...

Although things behind the scenes haven't been quite as fast paced as they had been over Lockdown, my return to school as a teacher hasn't brought things to a complete standstill.

Competition results

So, in the last newsletter you could enter the competition to be a named character in Unexpected Beginnings. I can gladly confirm and congratulate one of our lovely subscribers, who has been contacted directly. So, look out for a character named Dawn!

That's all for this season. Enjoy your long, crispy walks and your hot chocolates, hold on to your loved ones and start watching Christmas movies immediately! It's allowed, I promise. Much love, Lamorna xx

Cornwall Writers

I was over the moon to recently receive a place amongst other fabulous Cornish writers on the Cornwall Writers’ official website. Not only have they given me my own Biography page, but a cheeky bit of spotlight for my debut novel ‘Unexpected Beginnings’. There’s also an exclusive interview where you might find out some fun facts about me. Head over to check it out yourself and discover all the other wonderful writers that live right here in Cornwall.

My Interview with Cornwall College.

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